Questions You May Ask

How can I apply?

Can my lease be extended after 30 November?

Yes, it can be extended, the Student will have to go to the office to make an arrangement.

Can I arrive a few days earlier than the initial move-in date?

Yes, you can. The student will be charged R100 per night.

Would I be allowed to stay during the June recess period?

Yes, students are allowed to stay during June recess.

How can I make payment for my accommodation fees?

Contact Office for details

Will I be able to have pets in my room?

No, pets are not allowed in the building.

Do you guys have laundry facilities?

Yes, we do. A washing machine, dryer and basin for handwash.

Can I have a guest to sleepover?

Yes, the student will be requested to use the Myspace App to book and go to the office to make payment. R100 per night each person.

What is provided in each room?

A sing bed, wardrobe, study table & chair, shelving for books and food. If a student wants anything extra they can you the MetroRez Myspace App to request.

If I bring my car, will I have parking space?

There’s no parking for students.

Can I bring a bicycle?

Yes, there is no problem.

Reporting Maintenance

  • The maintenance book is kept at the front desk
  • All maintenance related matters are to be recorded in this book
    • Please be specific when doing so and ensure that the location of the problem is specified
    • Please don’t just ‘tell’ the building manager, all matters must be recorded in the book
  • The building manager will report all maintenance matters to the maintenance department daily
  • All items listed below have a 12 hour response time:
    • Water wastage (not flood related)
    • Globes in student rooms or critical areas
    • Toilets
    • Locks
    • Showers that are not usable
    • Stoves


  • All items listed below have a 24 hour response time:
    • Hydroboilers
    • Basin
    • Taps
    • Flush masters
  • All items listed below have a 36 hour response time:
    • Carpets
    • Tiles
    • Shower door
  • Items or areas vandalised by students are not subjected to the same turnaround time as stated above
  • Maintenance items recorded on Friday afternoons (after 15h00) may only be attended to on a Monday unless it is an emergency
  • On weekends the maintenance department provides a stand-by team to attend to emergency matters only
  • Where maintenance matters are outside of the artisans skill set, the stipulated turnaround time may be exceeded

Room Inspections

  • Room inspections are conducted twice a month
  • Any damage found in the room during inspection will be charged to your account
  • Repairs will only be made following your payment
  • On occupation of your room please complete the room occupation inspection list which is issued within 48 hours of receiving your lease agreement. Any maintenance items which require attention will be addressed by us and not through your account
  • No posters / paper / products may be affixed to the walls in any shape or form

Fire Drills

  • Fire drills are mandatory and conducted twice a year
  • Tampering with any fire equipment is illegal and will place the lives of others in danger
  • Offenders will be charged a fine of R1000

Lost Keys Procedure

  • Submit proof of payment to either Customer Care or the Administrator
  • If submitted before 12h00 (Monday to Friday), a new key will be issued on the same day
  • If submitted after 12h00 (Monday to Friday), a new key will be issued by 12h00 the next day
  • Common areas are for the use of all and should be respected
  • Leave the area/space as you would like to find it
  • Do not remove items from the common space



  • Tenant must report to the office 24 hours prior to the intended date of vacate to collect a vacate note
  • The vacate note will be signed and stamped by the relevant Administrator
  • The tenant will leave the vacate note at the front desk when leaving
  • A vacate note will only be issued if the students account is paid in full


  • Students will collect an official vacate note 24 hours prior to intended vacate date
  • Student will only be issued with a vacate note if the account is paid in full with the credit deposit amount reflecting in the account
  • The room will be inspected and damages will be charged accordingly
  • All damages will be deducted before refunds are paid

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